My digital countryside

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2017-11-01 Janeks Kamerovskis

This is my personal blog. Started a long time ago. First versions was on Geocities server in latest nineties. Then on]( up to Facebook and Twitter acitivities when almost no activity in the blog and then closed on begining of 2016. Now I renewed it.

Why? If it more simplier to use Facebook and Twitter.

Because I want a bit more freedom from adds and information noise. These megapopular social sites are like big cities - there are a lot of good (and not so good) things easy available, but if you want to be yourself and independent, than it is not so easy.

This is my digital countryside, where I am quite often. But I also can’t live without digital megapolicies (nowadays markets) . Links how to find me there you can find in the footer bellow.