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VirtualBox and USB to Serial on Linux Ubuntu 18.04

Sometimes we need to get to use some old rig and for that we need quite old software. Somotimes also recent chine radio config software is quite exotic and better runs on older windoze, like WinXP.

It seems for me useles to keep dedicated PC for that - it takes some place and care. It could be solved with dual boot approach to keep them on the same Linux Ubuntu hardware, but then it is not possible to work at the same time in both systems. Then there is Wine (windowz environment emulator) - that works but there is enough cases when not. And I have failed yet to pair Wine with USB to serial converter.

So the virtual machine seems for me the best solution and that also works with USB to Serial converters.

In my case I am using Linux Ubuntu 18.04 with VirtualBox virtual machine.

But there is some tips & tricks to get it work:

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